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I hope you will enjoy reading about Astrology. It can be a difficult subject to understand, but I have explained it as simple as possible and easy for everyone to follow. I trust you will enjoy my posts and that it will help to enlighten you in the areas of astrology in some way so you can understand your own astrological sign.

 All people are different. Having an understanding of the astrology star signs and the sign you were born under, may help you to understand why your friends and family are different, and why they act in another way than you would expect them to. Just by understanding their star signs will help to make sense of their sometimes unusual behavior. Learning astrology in more depth can help you become more aware of a lot of things. When you have this knowledge you will probably handle some situations in a different way.

If you have ever had your astrology chart done, you will have some idea of how the horoscope is made up of the 12 star signs. There are 12 houses in a horoscope and each one of the houses is ruled by one of the 12 star signs which are ruled by one of the astrological planets. The sun stays 2 hours in each house and therefore all the signs and the planets are in constant movement around in the zodiac. Therefore, it is so important to know the correct time of your birth when astrologers have to draw your horoscope up. The houses take on a vibration of their own. The house the sun was in at the time of your birth will be influenced by the vibrations of that house and so will all the planets.

For that reason it can sometimes be difficult to understand why people don’t identify with the sun sign they were born under. For example, if you were born in an air sign which will normally give you a well developed intellectual mind that needs plenty of stimulation and enjoy communication with others. But if your sun sign is in one of the houses in the horoscope that is ruled by an earth sign then you will probably have a more grounded and sensible way of talking to other people as well as the way you handle your own life.

That is the difference the vibrations of the houses can make to a person when their sun, moon and all the planets fall in houses of a different element to which their sun sign and planets represent. This is not a bad thing because it can stabilize your chart and add more balance to your life. If you keep on reading the content on this website, then you will learn more about astrology and how it can help you.

I have created cartoon illustrations to go with the different content on this site. Because a picture can sometimes tell a thousand words.

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Saturn in the Houses of the horoscope is considered the great teacher. This planet teaches you responsibilities, discipline and to get your life organized for your highest good. But it also represents restrictions, limitation and delays and along the way you will learn to be patience which is an important lesson.
If you allow yourself to learn and follow the influence of the astrology planet Saturn in the houses, then it will teach you how to become a master at whatever you have chosen to be good at. In many cases this will mean a lot of work, practice and mistakes by trail and error

along the way. But you need to look at those things as learning experiences.

Below is an interpretation of the influence of Saturn in the Houses.

Saturn in the First House, which rules the self and your physical appearance may give you a serious outlook on life and make you very aware of your responsibilities. There may be a problem with your own self worth. You need to find your own backbone and self-confident and not stand back and think other people are better than you. People with Saturn in this house should get in touch with their inner child which will help them to become more assertive.

Saturn in the Second House will influence your resources, both on the inner and the outer. It has to do with body problems very often we do not accept our body as it is. That can relate back to your childhood, whether you were nurtured and touch with love as a child. Here is where you start to develop your talents which will later on add to your resources. A person with the placement of Saturn in this house will often make you very cautious when it comes to finances. You will carefully invest your money in good solid stock and will not be willing to take big risks.

Saturn in the Third House of communication,  indicates how you deal with people around you such as siblings, friends and co-workers. You may be the person who listens to what other people has to say because you are not exactly a chatter box when it comes to communication. This astrology house also has to do with the writing and signing of important papers. Saturn here will make sure you are being organized in the department of paperwork which will probably be kept neatly in folders in a safe place so you can easily find it when you need it.

Saturn in the Fourth House, which is the house of home, family and early childhood. Saturn in this placement can point to having to grow up too early in life due to circumstances surrounding them. This can create repressed emotions for a person with Saturn in this house and give you a feeling of insecurity. This issue needs to be dealt with through various ways of personal development such as deep meditation, counseling and breath work. This will help you to get in touch with those introverted feelings from your childhood and bring them out in the open so you can deal with them in a much more mature way. You will then become aware of how to take better care of your emotions.

Saturn in the Fifth House, when it comes to partying and fun, which is what this house represent then you may need to learn to loosen up a little and learn to go with the flow rather than being serious and holding back. This house in the astrological chart is about the self and you need to take a look at what you are doing about enjoying yourself. Is there any fun in your life and do you take any pleasure in what you are doing or are you doing what you really want to do? If not you really need to take a good look at things and examine your life so you can create a happy and rewarding future that includes pleasing yourself.

Saturn feels at home here in the Sixth House of service. Work is where you really have to make sure that you are doing the work you like to do, and not just doing it for the sake of work. Because if you are not happy in your job it will give you pain in your body. If you have Saturn in this house in your natal chart then you are likely to enjoy working and doing services just to please others. You have to avoid not getting too caught up in your work so it takes over your life. Watching your diet is a big issue with this placement, but just try to eat as healthy as you can and not make a big deal out of it.

Saturn in the Seventh House rules your marriage and partnership and how you relate to people in any relationship. It is important that you learn to keep your own identity and not get so close to your partner that you lose your sense of self. If something does not serve you well, then you should let go of the situation. With Saturn in this house you will probably be very sincere about your relationship and have a great sense of responsibility towards your partner.

Saturn in the Eighth House of transformation, which will happen through becoming more aware from the changes you make when growing and maturing. And down the track you will be able to look back and identify with the changes that has happened in your life and you are no longer the person you were back then. However, the astrological planet Saturn here does not always deal well with changes and that can be a worry for you. Allow yourself to be patient and take it one day at the time. Do some planning towards new goals and simply learn to go with the flow until things settle down again and you will probably find how much better your life has turned out.

Saturn in the Ninth House. This is the house of higher learning, study, travel to distant places and it also has to do with our philosophy of life. Saturn in this house points to someone with a very practical mind, and who have the ability to turn other people’s  great ideas into a successful reality. The great ideas usually come from someone else because this position of Saturn in your chart does not indicate a person that thinks up new ideas, but has a more realistic outlook on things.

Saturn in the Tenth House rules your career, profession and authority figures. With this placement of Saturn you are able to handle responsibilities well and if put in a position of authority at work you will take your duties as a leader seriously. Saturn in this house often represents a father figure and someone that the younger people look up to and come to for advice. You are driven by strong ambitions and you feel your self-importance is at stake while trying to prove yourself as an authority figure. You are an asset to the company you work for and you aim to achieve a top position in the firm.

Saturn in the Eleventh House of hopes, dreams and wishes, but also the groups you belong to. With this placement of Saturn you may not want to be involved with groups, but would rather just have a few good friends to mix with. Casual friends are just not your thing and you feel too much socializing take up to much of your valuable time. Saturn in this house of astrology may not find it so easy to relate to deep inner dreams as an individual because of fear of commitment, but you need to conquer this apprehension to successfully follow your dreams.

Saturn in the Twelfth House is the ruler of the subconscious mind. Deep down memories of past emotional experiences are seated here. With this placement of Saturn there is a tendency to spend a lot of time in seclusion or by yourself as a sort of escape from the world to dwell on the past. The individual with Saturn in this house will have to make a deliberate effort to overcome the emotion of past karma to be able to move on and past the negative subconscious feelings. Then you will be able to use the astrological planet Saturn for deeper and more inspirational insights to the subconscious mind.

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