The Way Kids Dress According To Their Star Signs


Whatever your kids’ zodiac signs are they will almost always at one time or another like to dress up in some smart designer clothes. Some children are of course more in touch with the astrological planet Venus in their horoscope which will influence their choice of cloth much more. The following interpretations of the star signs are for both girls and boys.

Guide your Aries child with gentle love, affection and encouragement to dream which in time will give him/her the power to make the dreams come true. The choice of clothes will be unique.

Your little Taurus child wants a warm and cozy atmosphere where he/she feels loved and get plenty of affection. If you allow this child to go about his/her day in their own calm pace, then he/she will more than likely choose to dress in very relaxed clothing.

Patience is not one of your Gemini child’s best virtues and seems to lack the abilities to persist with things. He/she may change into several different outfits before finding something that feels right.

Your Cancer child is strongly influenced by their emotions and surroundings. Being dressed in stylish, well made clothes are of great importance to them.

This happy, playful Leo child who usually is in a high spirit loves to be dressed in fashionable clothes. He/she loves to stand out from the crowd and lap up all the attention he/ she gets from everybody.

The little Virgo kid likes to dress in neat clothing and wants to look tidy in cloth that matches. He/she likes his belongings to be in a particular place and order so things are easy to find when he/she needs them.

Your Libra child who is ruled by Venus loves to be dressed well and look smart and prefer to wear a fitted dress so they can show off their waist line. Beautiful surrounding is important to this child.

The intensity of your Scorpio child is best expressed through their passion for expensive and striking looking choice of clothes. This will add to their superior, secretive and mysterious look.

Your happy go lucky Sagittarius kid loves the outdoors and will want to dress in casual sports clothes so they can move around and be comfortable. He/she will wear his heart on his sleeves as the saying goes.

Your Capricorn child may appear to be more serious than he/she really is because he/she will probably dress more conservative and choose the darker colors clothing. But may surprise you with a dry sense of humor.

If you think you can choose this little Aquarius kid’s clothing think again because this child is a different drummer. He/she will be very original in their choice of clothes and you will have trouble sometimes understanding their choice.

Your sweet Pisces child may have trouble making a decision in choosing what clothes to wear and will probably be happy for you to help. But do not be surprised if your Pisces child is still not sure about your choice.

And that is the way kids like to dress according to their star signs.

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