Why Your Children Are Different

Have you ever wondered why your children are different in character, even though they are born from the same set of parents and grew up in the same family? One of your children may show great enthusiasm whenever there is a chance to try something new while another one of your children is more reluctant to approach new things. They want to feel their way before they venture into do something new.

The manner in which each child enters into a potential new experience will have an affect on how each child will handle the different lessons we all come up against here in life. So why can children from the same family be so dissimilar?

To an astrologer that is quite a natural thing and astrology will confirm what the parents have long observed. The explanation is that your children are usually born in a different month of the year and therefore under a different zodiac sign, which means that the planets is placed in different signs and houses in the horoscope.

Even if they are born under the same astrological sign they would be born at a different time, which would mean that the sun and the moon and all the planets that rules each of the zodiac signs were in different houses and that would make a big difference.

That would mean that the children have their own special talent and it is then up to the parents to encourage them to fulfill their potentials in whatever area the children show signs of being gifted. Some parents may push their children into careers and expect them to fulfill their own dreams rather than look at what the child are best suited for and the dreams they have.

However, astrology presents an answer by allowing the parents to see the child as an independent individual with his or her own character as well as their own special needs and desires.

If parents and teachers were to use their children’s astrology charts in a responsible manner they would not only be able to understand their children better, but also guide them in the direction that is best suited for them and help them to unfold their natural potentials. A planetary energy is neither good nor bad, but it is the way the energy is used that determines the outcome.

The role of the astrologer can play an important part in helping us to understand and appreciate why your children are different from each other. Astrology is like a road map of our character and offers a unique glimpse into our inner life. It is wise of the parents to allow their children to develop whatever talents they express and encourage them to be the unique individual they are.

A closer study of the individual’s personal horoscope will reveal many aspects of a persons talents and potentials and will act as a guide to a much more fulfilled lifestyle. It will also be able to explain why children are different.

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