Aquarius Zodiac Sign For Kids

Aquarius Zodiac Sign 1 - A - 1Hi – My zodiac sign is Aquarius and all us Aquarius people are born between January 20th – February 19th – Our key word is “I KNOW.” We are an air sign and Uranus is our ruling planet. This makes us very inventive and gives us an original streak in our character. When people say to us you have to design your own destiny, we have no problem doing that because we are gifted individuals who like to create  our own future.

We like personal freedom and prefer to be independent and follow our gut feelings rather than planned and organized work. However, we do like to be involved with groups of people and often end up as leader of the team. We have the ability to be an individual and keep our own identity and do not allow the group energy to interfere with our originality.

The part of the body this sign rules is the ankles and the circulation system. Circulation is also a way of communication with others and we are very good at that and it could be because we have a special kind of intuition, which is like an invisible electrical wire that tune right in on what other people are thinking and are about to say, much to the surprise of our school teacher.

We are the humanitarians of the zodiac

We are the humanitarians of the zodiac. We love people and are always ready to help someone in need, but we do it in a detached way and the feeling of distance is important to us, we do not want to take on the other person’s problem. But we have a real desire to serve humanity. Because of our friendly nature and attitude we always seem to make a lot of friends where ever we go from all walks of life and some of them are quite unusual.

We live in the eleventh house of the horoscope

 I live in the eleventh house and this refers to friends and also to the groups or organizations to which we belong. It rules hopes and wishes, our main goal in life and the ability to manifest our destiny. It also represents how well you adjust to society.

This house represents the importance for us to get into the right group of friends for the right kind of friends can be a great strength of support for us and for our future development and growth. Good friends are important and we often listen to them and want their opinions if we come up against problems in our lives. They can inspire and encourage us to be that creative individual we are, so whenever we get discouraged and want to give up on reaching our goal they can help us to get right back on track again.

Suitable careers: Something that requires inventiveness and originality. A Researcher worker, a Charity worker, a Scientist, a Writer, an Author, an Astrologer, Working in Radio and Television.



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