Cancer Zodiac Sign For Kids

Hello – I am representing the “Cancerian people” and we are all born between June 22nd – July 22nd.”Cancer Zodiac Sign A Our key word is “I Feel” We are the Moon people because we are ruled by the Moon which makes us a water sign and therefore very emotionally inclined.

Us Moon People can have trouble with our emotions and sometimes get into unhappy moods and will cry pools of tears; however we can change just as quickly into laughter.

We are strongly influenced by our early home environment, and the relationship we have with our family have influenced us to the point of being the major factor in the development of our personality. We love our home, especially the girls, and one of their favorite past times are to play with their dolls and make out they are cooking for them.

We have a great imagination so it is easy for us to pretend we have our own little family.

We like to earn our own pocket money and will help with any job we can get. Boys will be interested in the business world and the girls will also be quite good with money too.

Our mind is like a mirror and we can remember everything we learn and experience. I suppose that is why so many of us choose to become photographers, actors or artists.

I live in the fourth house of the horoscope and this house refers to peoples home. Our home environment and domestic affairs are important to us it represents a place where we can bring our friends home and show them our collection because we do like to collect things. Especially things that have to do with the past like antique, silver, old paintings and traditional things. The home is our base of security.

The fourth house is the most secure place to build anything that rises above the ground. It rules real estate, the land, the country. It also rules the breast and stomach.

The most suitable career for us forth house people are something that has to do with looking after people and animals, such as a nursing, catering, teaching, antique dealer and jobs connected with the sea.



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