Capricorn Zodiac Sign For Kids

Capricorn zodiac sign 1 - AHello, I am a Capricorn and all Capricorn people are born between December 22nd – January 19th. Our keyword is “I USE”. We are an earth sign and are generally very practical and sensible people. Our ruling planet is Saturn, which gives us a sense of discipline and responsibility. The part of the body this sign rules is our skin, the bones and especially the knees.

Some of us are very ambitious and like the mountain goat we are interested in reaching the top slow and steady we plod along until we reach our goal. Because we posses great power of endurance and determination combined with the patience to do what we have planed to do we always reach our goal sooner or later. The ability to stick to our plans and keep going and never give up will get us to the place we want to be.

We are mature and sensible children, and school is seldom a struggle for us. Our security comes from the position we reach in class. It is important for us to be among the top student in class because our aim is to achieve something lasting and worthwhile here in life. Some of us are reluctant to participate in a discussion. One of our most delightful traits is our sense of humor and we can also be none stop talkers.

As already mentioned the planet Saturn is our ruling planet and it is also the ruler of Karma which is the same as cause and effect. It is teaching us that for every action there is a reaction. So we have to think carefully about what we say and do and have good intentions behind everything we do if we want to have good things coming back to us. ‘We reap what we sew’ here in life, that is the rules of Saturn.

I live in the tenth house of the horoscope and this position of our sign Capricorn gives us the ability to become a leader in our chosen field. We often end up in a leadership position like the president of the class or the captain of the team. When we have done well for ourselves and learned certain things we are always willing to turn around and help others who are struggling to learn what we already know and would like to get to where we are.

This house rules our career and profession in life, our status and the relationship we have to the world and the way we communicate with people in authority.  It also has to do with our ability and determination to succeed. We are usually reliable and dutiful people who are very good at organizing and manifesting what we want and therefore have a talent for management, so our chances for success are very good.

Suitable careers for us will be some practical work that has to do with routine or organizing work such as a Government Official, an Administrator, a Politician, a Head Teacher, an Engineer, a Builder, a Manager and a Chemist.



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