Gemini Zodiac Sign For Kids

Gemini tweens AAHello everyone we are the “Gemini Twins” and all Gemini’s are born between May 21st – June 21st. Our key word is “I THINK” – We are an air sign and our ruling planet is Mercury.

Mercury is the planet of the messages and is constantly on the move that is why we like to run errands for people. Our sign is also associated with the fingers, hands and lungs. This is often demonstrated by their vulnerability to respiratory illness and injuries to their hands.

Us Gemini twin have two distinct sides to our personality, it is like we can be in two places at once, now you see me – now you don’t, we are very quick and can change a situation just like that. Slowing down now and again is certainly for our highest good. We don’t like discipline, however, our mind needs taming down and disciplined because it is so lively.

Us Gemini children are born with a well developed intellectual curiosity that must be continually satisfied. We are very versatile people and need plenty of intellectual stimulation and we like to gather information, analyze it, and then react accordingly. We are quick to learn and communicate well with people. Meeting new people are one of the ways we learn, a new source of information.

We are more likely to identify with the intellectual aspects of a situation or experience than we are with the physical or emotional side. If we for example, starts crying over a cut or bruise, we can easily be distracted from pain or distress if one of our parent or family member says something interesting or tells jokes or stories or even discusses the hurt in objective terms. Unless the injury is very serious, it is quickly forgotten.

As infants we have a very keen nervous system and are extremely alert to the stimuli in our surroundings. Aware of the slightest sound, we may experience difficulty in getting the proper amount of rest. But fortunately we are also very adaptable; if our home environment is not particularly peaceful, we will learn to tune out the background noise.

We are the communicators of the zodiac and us children love to chat with people and we can be very charming and cheerful to have around. The communication between our parents and us Gemini children is usually very good and we can be exceptionally good company because of our ability to converse with people. We can easily strike up a conversation and get other people to respond.

We are very quick to distinguish inflections in the voice of those around us and will instantly pick up the negative vibrations in a tense or disagreeable environment. On the other side of the coin we are just as attuned to the positive vibrations in an environment that includes music, laughter and all the wonderful and stimulating sounds of life.

We live in the third house and this house in the horoscope indicates how we relate to our brothers and sisters, neighbors and the people living close by and around us and kids our own age.

It rules our early education and public schools. A pencil and paper will keep us occupied for a long time, or at least for a while until something else attracts our attention. And if the lesson we are learning is not interesting and stimulating we get bored and lose interest.

It also relates to short distance travel. It rules letters, telephones, telegrams, computers and roads. It rules everything that has to do with communication.

Suitable careers for us are: We are endowed with mechanical skills because our sign Gemini rules the hands, which is why so many of us grow up to be expert’s typists, artists, designers, mechanics or tailors. We excel at jobs that require excellent hand and eye coordination. But we will also make a good Publisher, a Printer, a Courier, a traveller, a Lawyer and an Inventor.



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