Leo Zodiac Sign For Kids

Leo star sign AHi – I am “Leo” and all Leo people are born between July 23rd August -22ndOur key word is “I WILL.” We are ruled by the Sun and our sign is the regal sign of the zodiac. We are the King, the Boss, the Leader.

We like to play follow the leader and be the leader if no one is around to object. Sometimes we get a bit bossy around the other children. However, we also have a lot of pride so please don’t tell us off in front of our playmate or in public. We really are a lot of fun to be around. We are funny, happy and playful when everything goes our way, if not we get upset.

We need a lot of love and affection and suppressing our enthusiasm and high spirit can have a devastating effect on us.

I live in the fifth house of creativity, the way we best express ourselves is ruled by this  house. We fifth house people like to make some sort of mark upon society, so that we in the process of doing that can develop our own character.

We are usually very original in our creativity, and our thoughts behind our action is usually “GREAT THAT WILL MAKE ME FEEL GOOD”

We prefer to do things our way rather than take someone else word for it. And once we have made up our mind to do a project we will want it to be on a grand scale. We have a need to be in the limelight one way or the other.

The fifth house also refers to our friends and our playmates as well as our creativity.

Leo rules the heart and our back and all sorts of activities like sports, entertainment, the theater, speculation, investment and decorating our own room.

The kind of careers most suitable for us is a Decorator, a Designer, a Leader, Captain of the team, an Entertainer, a Model, an Actor.




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