Libra Zodiac Sign For Kids

Libra star sign 1Hello – I am a Libra and all Libra zodiac sign people are born between September 23rd – October 23rd. – Our key word is ‘I BALANCE”. We are and air sign and our ruling planet is Venus.  The part of the body this sign rules is the kidney. We are generally charming, tactful and diplomatic people. We love and appreciate beauty and harmony.

When you do a study of the horoscope you will notice that each of the astrological signs has an opposite sign. Find your star sign and see what sign is opposite yours,  because to find the balance in our lives, we need to learn from the sign opposite ours.

For example, Aries is opposite Libra star sign and we have to learn to work with some of the qualities this sign has. They are not afraid to take action and make decisions on the spot. They have a pioneering spirit that takes you out of your box which broadens your mind.

Our sign is represented by the scales and it is so important for us to have the scales in balance, we spend a lot of time weighing one thing against the other. Kindness and fairness is something that is part of our nature, so if you want to get on with us you have to appeal to our sense of justice.

When people spring a question to us and we are expected to answer right away our mind can sometimes go blank and people may wonder why we don’t respond to the question. But it is only because we don’t like to make a decision in a hurry, so don’t rush us, we like to think things through so we can make a fair decision.

We are very adaptable and have a good mind. We are also very talented in any artistic area. To keep us in balance and harmony we need to develop that artistic streak because this will take us far. It can sometimes be a problem to decide what art peace we got to start on and that is where we have to learn from our opposite sign Aries and take action and not procrastinate.

We live in the seventh house of the horoscope which rules partnership, relationship and other people we come in contact with. We Libra’s are the peacemakers of the zodiac and have the ability to help others to work out their problems. When some of my friends have a disagreement I usually have to step in and help them sort things out and you could say that I am a sort of mediator for the people involved in the disagreement. We Libra’s are usually very diplomatic and tactful in all our communication with other people.

We are people persons and seventh house people understand the need of other people and it is almost second to our nature to think of other people before ourselves. We have an ability to communicate with others and that is why we often do well in public relation. We will go out of our way to help other people.

We are usually very sociable and always have a good mate or friend that we can trust with our deeper feelings. That is a good thing because it will prepare us for when we get older and find the person we want to marry. However, we also like to spend time by ourselves to gather our thoughts and feelings and simply just sit around meditating.

When it comes to the work area then we are perhaps a little too easygoing and need to take our work more seriously and accept the necessity for hard work and be more focused on reaching out goal.

Careers most suitable for Libra zodiac sign are in Public Relation, a Librarian, a Judge, a Doctor, an Artist, a Painter, a Decorator, a Fashion Designer, a Beautician, a Dancer.



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