Pisces Zodiac Sign For Kids

Pisces Codiac Sign 1- AHi – I am a Pisces zodiac sign and all Pisces people are born between February 20th – March 21st. Our keyword is “Believe”. We are a water sign and planet Neptune is our ruling planet. Water is related to the emotions and we have a very emotional and sensitive nature that is able to intuitively tune into other people’s pain and offer sympathy to our friends whenever they need it.

The body part ruled by this astrological sign is the feet and the pituitary gland. Most of our actions are strongly motivated by our feelings and the value of compassion and understanding is one of the contributions we can give to society.

However, we are sometimes misunderstood because we like to follow our own rules which can get us into trouble. That is mainly because we have such a vivid imagination and can’t always distinguish between reality and dreaming so we are sometimes accused of lying. But that is far from our intention; it is only because we want to bring all the beauty we experience in our dreams back into the world to make it a better place.

We Pisces zodiac sign kids have a natural instinct to see the good in everything and are always there for our friends whenever they get into trouble to offer a shoulder to cry on and we will often cry with them. Our friends can tell us anything, no matter how bad their situation is and we will always try to comfort them and point out the good side of things to make them feel better. It is a natural thing for us to see all the good things here in life and are therefore able to inspire others when they don’t feel good.

All that caring and sympathizing for others can sometimes backfire on us Pisces zodiac sign people. We become emotional drained from too much contact with people in pain, we seem to take on their problem and need to learn to become more detached from other peoples situation. We then retreat into our own privacy for a while to regain our strength and balance.

I live in the twelfth house of the horoscope and this house rule institutions, hospitals and any work behind the scene for example, like an author who like to sit in a quiet place and write and scientist who works on some new invention in closed quarters. A designer who probably goes into meditation to tune into the latest design they want to create. And because we love to help people, we nearly always make good nurses and doctors.

We are very artistically inclined and it gives us great satisfaction and brings out the positive side in us when we paint and create things. Music and dance is one of the things that will help to stimulate our creativity. Many of us become great artists when we focus on using our talents in combination with our imagination. Behind the scene photography is also something that would be a suitable career for the Pisces sign.

Suitable careers for us Pisces zodiac sign kids are most things that have to do with all the arts. Such as a Dancer, an Actor, a Poet, a Writer, an Author, an Artist, a Therapist, a Nurse, a Doctor. And all professions connected to the sea and liquid.



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