Sagittarius Zodiac Sign For Kids

Hi – I am a Sagittarius Zodiac Sign and all Sagittarius people are born between November 23rd Sagitarius zodiac sign - 1-ADecember 21st. Our key word is “I SEE” We are a fire sign and our ruling planet is Jupiter. We are basically happy, optimistic people with a cheerful outlook on life. We are often called the “Happy go Lucky” people and many of us are indeed lucky people and we are a lot of fun to be around.

We love the outdoor life which gives us a feeling of freedom and we love going for long hikes in nature it makes us feel free. We are very independent people and the feeling of freedom is very important to us. We usually take our freedom for granted, so it is a treat for us when someone attempts to take it away from us.

Most of us Sagittarius zodiac sign people love to be involved in some sort of sports and we are usually good at it and often win the trophies. We also love horses and horse riding and anything that has to do with outdoor sporting. We are very straight forward people and come right to the point, but sometimes we put our food in it and wish we hadn’t said what we just did, it usually reminds us that we need to learn to be more tactful and careful about what we say.

We love to travel to foreign places and meet new people

I live in the ninth house of the horoscope and this house rules long distance travel, law, religion, philosophy, higher education, university and publication of books. Some of us ninth house people will enjoy doing a university degree or at least studying for a higher degree to broaden our minds. It will give us a better chance to become successful in our chosen career.

Being involved with people from foreign places, whether it is for work or just being sociable is something that comes natural to us ninth house people. We love to travel and explore new places and even remote places where not many people venture into.

For instance, we might travel to a foreign country when we grow up to study their religion or special philosophy. Or you might find us in a place where we are attempting to climb a high mountain just for the challenge of it all. Whatever we do, it is all about becoming more aware and discover new things that will broaden our mind.

Because us Sagittarius people are so outgoing by nature we are often chosen to be the leader of our group where we can use some of all the good ideas we have in our way of leading the other kids. We know how to entertain people and because of our jovial nature, we make them laugh while we are teaching them. People usually like to be entertained and told stories that they can relate to, which makes it so much more fun to learn.

The ninth house rules the hips, thighs and sometimes we have trouble in these areas like restless legs and we really need to make sure that we get lots of exercise. That is one of the reasons we love to go for long walks so we can exercise our legs or do some sort of sport to use up some of all the energy we have.

Suitable careers for Sagittarius natives are working outdoors and especially with animals, horses, being a Teacher, a Writer, a Philosopher and a Lawyer. These are only some of the career fields that the Sagittarius zodiac signs are suitable to work in. However, in many cases it will also depend on the positions of the other planets in the personal chart as to what kind of career will work for us.



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