Scorpio Zodiac Sign For Kids

Hello – I am a “Scorpio zodiac sign”  and it is a fascinating sign. All Scorpios are born between OctoberScorpio star sign -1- A 24th – November 22nd. – Our key word is “I DESIRE”. We are a water sign and our ruling planet is Pluto which gives us tremendous drive, determination, an intense personality and we can often be identified by our intensive eyes. Other parts of the body, it governs are the pelvis and the reproductive area.

Every sign of the zodiac was given some special gifts at birth and ours was great power which is a very powerful influence in our lives that we have to learn to accept and work with.

This sign has to do with transformation and during our lives, we will be seeking the uniqueness that reside deep inside us. It depends on how developed we are as to which path we choose to follow. The personality side of us want to experience lots of things, but our soul which has a more advanced energy will want to follow the spiritual path which will lead us to a higher level of being.

We have a fantastic will power and determination to simply pursue in the direction of what we desire most of all. We will put our mind completely on whatever we set out to do and there is no half measure with us, we go for things 100% it has to be all the way or nothing at all.

Our sign has an irresistible energy that border on the secretive and mystical side of things. And when we create something we tend to be able to give our creation a touch of this irresistible and glamour’s energy so people who see it will be very tempted to buy it from us.

We often appear to be aloof and secretive to other people, but that is only because we don’t like to show our feelings openly in public we prefer to be in control of our feelings. But behind the facade we put on we really have very deep feelings and an intense nature.

However, we are good at keeping secrets and if one of our friends confides in us and share a personal secret with us then we will never ever tell another soul. Or if someone is organizing a surprise party, then their secret is safe with us because we are very loyal friends.

Most Scorpio’s people will go through a major transformation throughout their lives

Us Scorpio’s live in the eighth house of the horoscope and this house refers to transformation such as given birth to something and letting go of your old ways of being or some old things that you have outgrown and its time to let it go. For example, letting go or parting with your bike that you have outgrown in order to get a new one. This can be hard for some of us to experience, but it is really only to lift us out of a situation that is no longer serving us anymore.

The eight house also refer to other peoples resources and finding the balance between what is yours and what belong to others. We can come across as being possessive and we have to learn to share with others in a friendly way.

Us eight house people are the detectives of the zodiac, we are a bit like Sherlock Holmes as we like to investigate and dig into something and find out about all the small details in a situation. We like to get to the bottom of things and unravel the mysteries of any situation.

Suitable careers for Scorpios are – a Mystic, a Philosopher, a Detective, a Policeman, a Research worker, a Chemist, a Surgeon, a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist and a Teacher.



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