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The Characteristic of  the Virgo Zodiac Sign

The people born under the sign of Virgo are the practical people of the zodiac. Lots of Virgo kids start working at an early age, if only to make pocket money by helping the local baker deliver people’s order. As they grow older their services develop and they may get a job in as a waitress, a nurse or somewhere where they can serve the public.

They are usually very good at writing and would do a good job at helping out at the local newspaper at school. They like to be useful and enjoy working, so whenever one of their friends has a good idea Virgo are the ones who can see the possibilities of the project and are ready to put in hard work to get the idea off  the ground and make it work.

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Hi – I am a Virgo zodiac sign and all Virgo people are born between August 23rdSeptember 22nd  Our key word is “I ANALYZE” – We are an earth sign and our ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of the messenger which is why we posses such a brilliant, alert and quick mind that enable us to analyze things before we accept them.

We really are very efficient little people and show a lot of wisdom at an early age and our driving motive is “TO SERVE” others. We are not afraid of work and love to be involved when there is work to be done at home and at school where we like to help the teacher. We are easy to teach and there is no need to tell us off because we like to please and do the right thing.

We are little perfectionists and that is what the Virgo energy demand. We like to pay attention to the smallest details and when we see the job we have done, looking perfect we get extremely happy. When we are just a little kid, it is not always easy to live up to, so we just do the best we can for our age.

Because we are an earth sign we are very much involved with the practical things on the physical plane. That is why we are so concerned about our health and will always watch the food we eat so we can keep our bodies healthy with a good nutritious diet. Virgo rules the intestine and we need to have plenty of vitamins to keep us healthy. We are very aware, that eating the right food will make us feel much better and our bodies will feel lighter and therefore our energy will rise and attract a much higher energy.

The Virgo star sign has a very feminine and caring energy and it is a total service to humanity. When we are kids we usually start to learn about service to other people, but begin helping with little things, such as learning to take care of someone whether it is a pet or a person. We may be working at an early age as a waitress or a nurse and as we grow and develop, so does our service.

We are the practical people of the zodiac and when someone from another sign come up with a great idea, but have trouble putting it into reality that is where we Virgo’s take over. We can see the possibilities in the idea and are willing to put the hard work into making it work. And that is, whether it is making a copy house or starting a newspaper for the school because we are also very good at writing.

We don’t really like to be the center of everyone’s attention, however we do have the ability to mimic other people’s characters very well so with a bit of persuasion some of us will make good actors.

We are little realists and our imagination are not that developed and needs to be stimulated and a good way to do that is to visualize something in our mind for example a little blue star that you can talk to and that will help to bring out the creativity in us.

Our house is the sixth in the horoscope and this house is basically concerned with work and health it represents service to others. This is the house of work and that is why work comes so easy to us Virgo’s it is so much part of our nature.

The career most suitable for us sixth house people are – a Naturopath – a Dietician – a Social worker – a Teacher – a Secretary – a Writer- and Virgo star sign will also do well in the physical field where you have to do practical manual work and use your hands.



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