Zodiac Sign Taurus For Kids

Taurus star sign ATaurus Zodiac Sign – Hello – I am a Taurus and all Taurus people are born between April 20th – May 20th Our key word is “I Have” I am an earth sign and my ruling planet is Venus.

Would you like to come in for a visit and I am sure I can find some left over’s in the refrigerator that we can eat. And while we are eating I can tell you all about myself as I am sitting here in my favorite comfortable chair relaxing.

Us Taurus people are usually very charming and gentle people. We have an inborn instinct for discipline and once we have learned something it stays there.

Our movement upwards will be sure and determined; we are plodders and are very patient people and make progress in our own good time. We will wait a long time for our plans to mature.

We are often chosen as leaders of group activities due to our love of fair play, common sense and good judgement, people feel that they can rely on us. Our sense of humor is one of our most valuable traits.

I live in the second house of the horoscope and that refers to the neck. The neck represents creativity and the ability to be flexible in our thinking. It also has to do with your vocal voice and we often have a low, soft voice which has a melodious sound to it and we tend to have musical talents. We are very fond of music or some sort of music and we should really be taken some singing lessons.

The planet Venus, which is our ruling planet will sooner or later bring out the love us children have for art and beauty. But we also enjoy sports and because of our sturdy build and determination to reach our goals we often make excellent athletes. Or at the very least be in an occupation that keeps us physically fit.

It’s not so much that our second house people are stubborn, but we just like to stick to one thing once we have started something and we never ever give up. Like the bull we are steady and strong.

The second house also relates to finances and our sense of values. We are security minded and it is said that money falls on our head. However, what we value is the thing to understand because it often becomes the focus of what we do and leads to the formation of goals.

There is a part of me who is really good at saving my money and build up a really good bank account, but then there is also a part of me who likes to spend it all. I need to find a balance between the two and learn not to spend all my hard earned money, and learn to keep some for when I really need it, but not to be to tight with my money either.

Suitable career: a Banker – a financial planer – a Dietician – a Singer –a Builder – a Gardner – a Scholar – a Scientist



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