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This section is about – Astrology For Kids and for people young at heart. And because astrology can be a very complicated subject and hard to understand I have done my best to make it as simple and easy for everyone to understand as you possible can with astrology. I have created cartoon illustrations to go with the different content in this section of the website to give it a more interesting message. I hope you will enjoy the posts and that it will help you understand astrology and your own astrological sign better.

Everyone is different, but by having an understanding of the astrology star signs and the sign you were born under may give you a clearer perception why your friends and family are different and why they act in another way than you would expect them to. Just by understanding their star signs will help to make sense of their sometimes unusual behavior. Learning astrology in more depth can help you to become more aware of a lot of things and when you have this knowledge you will probably handle some situations in a much better way.

The horoscope is made up of the 12 star signs. There are 12 houses in a horoscope and each one of the houses is ruled by one of the 12 star signs which are ruled by one of the astrological planets. The sun stays 2 hours in each house and therefore all the signs and the planets are in constant movement which is why it is so important to know the correct time of your birth when astrologers have to draw your horoscope up. The houses take on a vibration of their own. The house the sun was in at the time of your birth will be influenced by the vibrations of that house and so will the planets.

Zodiac Signs For Kids

The following is a description of the 12 zodiac signs for kids and my aim is to encourage children at an early age to get to know themselves, be in tune with who they are and accept themselves as they are so they can grow up to be happy people.

So they can become aware of their talents and the path they are best suited to follow. Because when you truly know who you are and you are in tune with yourself, you will attract the things that are just right for you. Life will become more supportive and you will go through life with a tailwind. You will then want to strive to be the very best that you can be.

So I encourage all you children out there to have the courage to be yourself and go for what YOU feel YOU truly want. Learn to love yourself for who you are. The following 12 Zodiac signs for kids are explained to you by a cartoon for each of the signs.

derful ideas and see the vision in our minds of how we would like the project to turn out. We then want to le

The first zodiac sign in the horoscope is Aries.

Aries star sign AAries Zodiac Sign – Hello! I am an Aries and all Aries people are born between March 21st – April 20th Our key word is “ACTION” I am a fire sign and my ruling planet is Mars. That gives me a lot of energy and when I have found something to do that I really like there is nothing holding me back, I put all my energy into it. I also have a lot of determination and don’t like anything to get in my way when I am in action.

Us Aries people are strong-willed people and will rebel at times. We like a challenge and we will tackle any new project with great enthusiasm.

We are usually good at inventing games to play with our mates. We love to dream the impossible dream and make it come true one day and it can with a lot of love and support from the people around us.

I live in the first house of the horoscope and this house refers to the people’s personality, head and mind. When we fall and have an accident, we often get hurt on our head. The first house is the starting point in the horoscope and that makes us Aries people love new starts, and to be at the head of things.

We have a pioneering spirit and we get these wonderful ideas and lead people to it, however, we have to be careful not to be bossy or forceful, but instead try to inspire and encourage people to follow us and together we can create these wonderful ideas.

A true leader is someone who can lead people by inspiration to their goal.

Here are some of the careers that are most suitable for us Aries people, we rule the first house of the horoscope.

It should be something that has to do with Pioneering – like an adventure, who discover new places and things – a Leader – and intellectual public speaker – a Mariner – in the Military – a Space traveler.

So you see there is a lot of opportunities here in life for us Aries people.


The second Taurus star sign Azodiac sign in the horoscope is Taurus.

Taurus Zodiac Sign  For Kids

Hello – I am a Taurus and all Taurus people are born between April 20th – May 20th Our key word is “I Have” I am an earth sign and my ruling planet is Venus. Read more Here




Gemini tweens AA

The third zodiac sign in the horoscope is Gemini.

Gemini Zodiac Sign For Kids

 Hello everyone, we are the “Gemini Twins” and all Gemini’s are born between May 21st – June 21st. Our key word is “I THINK” – We are an air sign and our ruling planet is Mercury. Read more Here


Cancer Zodiac Sign A


The fourth zodiac sign in the horoscope is Cancer.

 Cancer Zodiac Sign for Kids

Hello – I am representing the “Cancerian people” and we are all born between June 22nd – July 22nd.” Our key word is “I Feel” We are the Moon people because we are ruled by the Moon which makes us a water sign and therefore very emotionally inclined. Read more Here

Leo star sign A

The fifth zodiac sign in the horoscope is Leo.

Leo Zodiac Sign For Kids

 Hi – I am “Leo” and all Leo people are born between July 23rd August -22nd – Our key word is “I WILL”. We are ruled by the Sun and our sign is the regal sign of the zodiac. We are the King, the Boss, the Leader. Read more Here


The sixth zodiac sign in the horoscope is Virgo.

Virgo Zodiac Sign For KidsVirgo Star Sign 1- A

Hi – I am a Virgo  and all Virgo people are born between August 23rd – September 22nd  Our key word is “I ANALYZE” – We are an earth sign and our ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of the messenger which is why we posses such a brilliant, alert and quick mind that enable us to analyze things before we accept them. We really are very efficient little people and show a lot of wisdom at an early age and our driving motive is “TO SERVE” others. Read more Here

The seventh zodiac sign in the horoscope is Libra.

Libra Zodiac Sign For Kids  

Libra star sign 1


I am a Libra and all Libra zodiac sign people are born between September 23rd – October 23rd. Our key word is ‘I BALANCE”. We are and air sign and our ruling planet is Venus.  The part of the body this sign rules is the kidney. We are generally charming, tactful and diplomatic people. We love and appreciate beauty and harmony. Read more Here



The eight zodiac sign in the horoscope is Scorpio.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign For KidsScorpio star sign -1- A

Hello – I am a “Scorpio zodiac sign”  and it is a fascinating sign. All Scorpios are born between October 24th – November 22nd. Our key word is “I DESIRE”. We are a water sign and our ruling planet is Pluto which gives us tremendous drive, determination, an intense personality and we can often be identified by our intensive eyes. Other parts of the body it governs are the pelvis and the reproduction area.    Read more Here


The ninth zodiac sign in the horoscope is Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign For KidsSagitarius zodiac sign - 1-A

Hi – I am a Sagittarius Zodiac Sign and all Sagittarius people are born between November 23rd – December 21st. Our key word is “I SEE” We are a fire sign and our ruling planet is Jupiter. We are basically happy, optimistic people with a cheerful outlook on life. We are often called the “Happy go Lucky” people and many of us are indeed lucky people and we are a lot of fun to be around. Read more Here


The tenth zodiac sign in the horoscope is Capricorn.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign For Kids

Capricorn zodiac sign 1 - AHello, – I am a Capricorn and all Capricorn people are born between December 22nd – January 19th. Our keyword is “I USE”. We are an earth sign and are generally very practical and sensible people. Our ruling planet is Saturn, which gives us a sense of discipline and responsibility. The part of the body this sign rules is our skin, the bones and especially the knees. Read more Here





The eleventh zodiac sign in the horoscope is Aquarius.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign For Kids

 Aquarius Zodiac Sign 1 - A - 1Hi – I am an Aquarius Zodiac Sign and all Aquarius people are born between January 20th – February 19th – Our key word is “I KNOW.” We are an air sign and Uranus is our ruling planet. This makes us very inventive and gives us an original streak in our character. When people say to us you have to design you own destiny, we have no problem doing that because we are gifted individuals who like the freedom to do our own thing. Read more Here




The Twelfth zodiac sign in the horoscope is Pisces

Pisces Codiac Sign 1- APisces Zodiac Sign For Kids

 Hi – I am a Pisces star sign and all Pisces people are born between February 20th – March 21st. Our keyword is “Believe”. We are a water sign and planet Neptune is our ruling planet. Water is related to the emotions and we have a very emotional and sensitive nature that is able to intuitively tune into other people’s pain and offer sympathy to our friends whenever they need it. Read more Here


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