Venus, Why This Planet Influence Young Love

Young Romance 1A smallHow does the planet Venus connect to young love? Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. In astrology she is considered to have the ability to attract the opposite sex and Venus will teach you how loving relationships are supposed to work.

Venus represents the feminine and Mars the masculine and according to mythology, Venus and Mars, where the mystical lovers of the zodiac. And whenever two young people fall in love, Cupid who represents love, is at play, it is a Venus and Mars attraction.

What are the benefits of Venus

Have you ever experienced the feeling of pure joy when you see something that really takes your breath away and you are so happy that all you can say is wow! It can also be the attraction of another person that makes you feel excited to be around.

And when you feel love and you tell your lover “I love you” it is Venus in action, relating to your senses. Being sensual and experiencing sensuality and looking great is what this planet represents.

What are some of the qualities of Venus traits

According to astrology Venus represents many different qualities, but we don’t all have the same taste so therefore we are attracted to different things. Some feel drawn to her sense for beauty, art and the creative side of us, while others are more tuned into her sexuality, and some to her self-assurance and style.

When you are young your feelings are strong and it can sometimes be hard to control these feelings. So it is only natural if you want to explore these feelings with the person you have feelings for.

What are the challenges of Venus

There are times, especially when you are young you may feel the challenge of Venus to become promiscuous, but that may be so you can grow and find balance in your life. You may need to find joy and give in to play and having fun if your life has been dull.

Venus is many things, but if you have experienced any of the above things you will know what a powerful influence Venus can be. But Venus mainly teaches you these things so you can create a balanced life and find peace within yourself which is paving the path to a good relationship.

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