The Horoscope is Like a Roadmap


The Astrological Horoscope is like a road map you can use when you come to a crossroad in your life and you need to decide which direction to follow. You can then look in your Horoscope for guidance, which path would be the most favorable one to choose.

Astrology teaches that you have free will up to a point, once you have decided on your chosen path it is up to you to take responsibility for yourself. Astrology doesn’t deny you free will in any way it only points out the direction that things are likely to take.

The horoscope is like a road map which will give you insight to your potentials and possibilities, it will tell you in which area of your life you can shine. When your mind is made up and you have chosen your path, life and faith will then again take its course.

Astrology can be very accurate in its predictions and it enables us to choose the right time to start a new project such as a new career, occupation, marriage or more. It shows you that there are times when you have to be patient and it is wise to wait.

The time may not be good to go ahead because the energy forces are going to be difficult to work with and it is better to wait for a more favorable planetary combination which will then be like working with a tailwind in your life.

Astrology is a guide to better understanding yourself and the people around you. It is mainly about yourself and how you handle and get on with people close to you. It teaches you to build a richer and happier life for yourself.

The Horoscope is like a road map made up of twelve Houses and twelve Sun signs. If you think about twelve different people you know in your life that are all borne under different Sun signs and with some of them you get on better than others.

You can then compare this to the twelve Sun signs in the Horoscope (which we all have in our personal Horoscope) to the people we don’t get on with and know that there is something in some of these areas we need to work on to be a balanced person.

Astrology is an excellent tool, it teaches you about your gifts, talents and the path you are best suited to follow. When you truly know yourself, you will attract the things that are just right for you.

It teaches you how you can direct your life and get as much out of life as you possibly can and have a full and rewarding lifestyle. The astrological horoscope is like a road map you can refer to whenever you are in doubt as to which direction to take.

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