The Lunar Secrets of the Moon

The Lunar GirlThe secret of the lunar Moon and how it influences a person’s horoscope can be found in the sign the Moon was in your astrological birth chart. The placement of the Moon and the link between the Sun and the Moon is one of the major influences. It describes a person’s emotional feeling, your ability to nurture and it affects your mood and your reaction to the moods of others.

However, there is a lunar moon secret that is very important to take into consideration when your horoscope is being analyzed. When you analyze the Moon to determine the mood of a person you have to look for the cycle the Moon was in at the time of a person’s birth.

Was the Moon, New, Crescent, First Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Last Quarter, or Balsamic Moon. These are called “the Lunar Cycle” and they can help you understand the moods of a person. These lunar cycles represent subtle feminine energy and power in your chart.

By finding the placement of the Moon in your birth chart (also called your natal horoscope) you will be able to clarify why a person may have certain moods and often get into similar situations without realizing why. For instance, if your Moon were in the New Moon phase which lasts about three and a half days, then your mood would generally be one of emergency.

The New Moon is for planting and creating. So the kind of mood for this person would be one of hopefulness for the future and generally perceive the world as a place of possibilities and a life of joy.

The next lunar cycle is The Crescent Moon and the person with the Moon in this position has a strong urge to overcome pressure and inertia of the karmic past and by working through these issues they often discover personal limits and their special purpose. This position is from three and a half to seven days after New Moon.

The Gibbous Moon phase is ten and a half to fourteen days after New Moon and with this position you have an intense energy of overcoming past and present issues. You believe that whatever decision has been made, you must now live with. This is a time of testing and adjustment, flexibility and perseverance are qualities that need to be nurtured.

Third Quarter or Full Moon is when it is opposite the Sun. This position has to do with your relationships of the heart, marriage and is a constant feeling of insecurity in which you may wonder if your partner is really happy with you. Learn to be happy within yourself and do not let your partner control your moods.

Next is the Disseminating phase, which is three and a half to seven days after the Full Moon. This is a time where you begin to understand your inner struggle and are able to let go of them because you now understand what is underneath them.

The Last Quarter is seven to ten and a half days after full Moon. This position represents the harvest and meaning of understanding and whatever does not harmonize with the growing consciousness and understanding can not be accepted.

The last phase is the Balsamic which occurs during the final eight of the entire cycle ten and a half to fourteen days after the Full Moon. The general mood of this cycle is release and a period when emptying is necessary before a new cycle can begin. The Balsamic Moon people are old souls who have lived before and are here to complete and put into use those gifts they have already attained hence fulfilling a past vision

When you know the secrets to the influence of the Moon then you are able to understand your moods must better and therefore have more control over your life.

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