Astrology Has Been ‘A God send in my life.’

Here is an example of how Astrology can work in your life

I have studied Astrology for many years and have found it to be a ‘God send’ in my life. Astrology can point the way to greater understanding of yourself, your children, family and friends. It’s a great tool which you can use to determine where you are at and what’s going on in your life.

For example, if little Peter has a problem at school with Paul, you can consult his chart to see what’s happening. Maybe Paul is a strong Aries while your little Peter is a soft Libran. These two signs are in polar opposition and have the opportunity to learn from each other so that they can both find balance.

The Aries is full of energy and can be bold and impulsive, but need to channel this energy into a more positive way. Aries can be a tremendous inspiration for the Air sign Libra. He can take the initiative and lead and is fully aware that he is a separate being and as such can cause the world around him to react to the expression of his will. These are great traits to possess, however the Libran child may suffer under all this power and his identity may somehow be lost. The Libran needs to learn to be happy in his own company and the Arian needs to learn to share and be with other people. This is just an example of how astrology can work for you and how parents can use it as a tool for their children as well as other people in their life. Not to forget yourself, you may have a feeling that you are being pulled out of your everyday rut. Unexpected events start to happen around you and you wonder what is going on. You can be sure that Uranus is at work in your chart, transiting some strong point. How dull our lives would be without Uranus. It is the planet that blasts us out of our ruts when we are too apathetic or too fearful to make a change. It is also the planet of individuality. It forces us to be original, and bring out the latent talents in us. It’s only if you fear change that you may have a problem. If you can go with the flow, you will probably find that you are much happier after the change. When you know your zodiac sign and preferably your own chart, it will pay you to study it well, because then it will be like doors opening up for you, and you get a much better idea of who you are. Children can learn to be in tune with who they are, accepting themselves as they are so they can grow up to be happy people.  Aware of their talents and the path they are best suited to follow, they will attract things just right for them as they travel through life with a tailwind.

By Hanne Klein, Astrologer and  Author of several Astrology books. ‘Doorways to Astrology’ for kids and people young at heart. The Zodiac Signs in Great Details’ – ‘Astrology Made Simple and Easy to Understand’- Jupiter the Planet of Luck And Great Fortune’


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