Where Do You Shine In Your Astrology Charts?

In which area are you most likely to shine according to your astrology charts? You can find out by studying the zodiac signs in your horoscope, which is a drawing of your individual and unique character. The horoscope is a map that you can easily work with without knowing very much about astrology.

You can tell a lot about a person in regards to their zodiac sign which is also referred to as your star sign. Your zodiac sign explains special character traits of each sign and what is likely to motivate you and push you forward as a person. If some of your friends are either a Leo, Cancer or Gemini or any other signs for that matter, you are able to understand the way they act and why they would react in certain ways to different situations.

Your Birth time is important

Are the signs always predictable? No, not all the time there are other factors at play. So when you see a Leo and you are expecting them to make an impressive entrance to make sure that everyone is noticing them and a Gemini is not as talkative as you would expect them to be; you may wonder why that is. There may be a negative aspect at work blocking their outgoing nature. However, that can usually be worked through when the person becomes aware of what is holding them back.

For many people who have a good understanding of astrology, this is no secret. But for those of you who only know a little may want to understand that there is more to really know a person’s unique characteristic. It is very important that you know the year, the place, the date and the exact time of the day they were born.

The ascendant on your horoscope at the time of your birth

The first house in the horoscope is called the ascendant. It changes sign every 2 hours and a new sign comes on to the ascendant, which rules your personality. That is also a big part of what the world and other people see in you. It depends on the time of day you were born as to what sign is placed on the ascendant at the time of your birth, because that will help to color your personality.

So you see all these important details around your time of birth have a major impact on the qualities of your zodiac sign. Pay attention to the elements, Fire, Earth, Water, Air and find out which element is the dominant one. It will help you point out in which area of your astrology chart you are most likely to shine.

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