Virgo Zodiac Sign

Here is a write up about the characteristics of this Zodiac Sign.

The Virgo energy is all about perfection, if it’s not perfection, it’s nothing at all. This energy demands perfection, and will notice the smallest detail. Happiness for Virgo is perfection, but since this is very hard to achieve you may have to settle for excellence. Some of the other signs have the ability to come up with a great idealistic vision – but not Virgo – they are the people who recognize the vision and create forms from these great ideas other people have.

This energy represent service to humanity. Virgo has a very feminine and caring energy. It usually starts at an early age, giving small services to others and learning to take care of someone. They may be working as a waitress or a nurse and as they grow and develop, so does their service to humanity.

Virgo is an earth sign, which means it mostly deals with the physical plane. This energy is also about caring for the physical body. Remember Virgo star sign is the sign of perfection and in order to care for your body, and make it pure, you have to get rid of all the toxins in your body, and not eat anything that can poison it.

People born in the astrology star sign Virgo needs to learn to stay healthy, to look at nutrition, and make sure you get the right food. So the body can stay healthy in order to be a pure temple for the soul to reside in. When the body is pure and free of all toxins, it becomes lighter and you will attract a much higher energy that will put you on your right path.

The Virgo star sign has intellectual brilliance and great conversational talent. They like to analyze every situation, and have an intense love of details in everything they do. However, they sometimes tend to be too critical and get caught up in worrying too much about the small details that it doesn’t see the forest for the trees, it needs to be able to see the bigger picture.

In the month of Virgo (which is September) it’s time above all to go on a criticism fast. So discipline yourself not to put your attention on what’s wrong, and every time you are about to criticize you say “No, I’ve finished criticizing myself and anyone else.” This is the way to open up our awareness to see how often we do criticize and as we stop criticizing the negative will drop away, and then we can create some new positive thoughts for ourselves.

Virgo’s are usually hard working people and most of them enjoy to work and actually love their job. They are ruled by the planet Mercury and quite often possess a brilliant mind. Most Virgos have the following quality’s, being neat, like things to be perfect, always willing and eager to help other people. They are really good workers and much more. People born under Virgo star sign are a great asset in your work force where they will add a lot of value.

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