Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

We are in the month of December which is ruled by Sagittarius, the entertainer. This is also the month when we celebrate Christmas, so in December you can use this energy to entertain people, whether you are a Sagittarius or not. When you entertain, you laugh and become part of it all. Things don’t seem so serious when you are being entertained.

People born under this sign are the happy go lucky people of the zodiac, they are cheerful, optimistic, good-natured people. These outgoing, friendly people like to socialize, and because of their delightful sense of humor, they make a lot of friends. Friendships and pleasant human relationships are very important to them. The Sagittarius sense of humor is among their most endearing traits. They are a high-spirited and a friendly, gifted conversationalist.

Sagittarius is a born entertainer and a wonderful storyteller. People love to be entertained. This sign also rules the higher mind. Sagittarius’ are the teachers,  as well as great leaders who get out in front and make fun as they guide people and make them laugh in the process. Through story telling and entertainment they can inspire people to open up their minds to greater awareness. They can also be frank and outspoken because they are honest by nature and come straight to the point. This makes them easy to deal with, because other people don’t need to wonder whether they are sincere or not. However, as a result of their frankness, they sometimes put their foot in it and then they must try to work their way out of the situation. They don’t mean to hurt people’s feelings, but they simply don’t know how to beat around the bush.

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