Astrology Can Help you To Heal

 Many issues in a person’s life derive from a past unresolved situation. It can be very healing for the mind to deal with such problems. By going back in time to hurtful memories you can let go of the emotions around these unresolved situations through different healing techniques such as counseling meditation, re-birthing. Re-birthing is a simple but very powerful method where you do deep breathing, which will help you to eliminate stress and release and dissolve any emotional blockages and past memories you might have. It is very effective, but it is wise to get a professional person trained in re-birthing to help you.


The mind is a powerful thing, it likes to hang on to the old outworn belief pattern. When we let those old patterns go we feel so relieved. It will make us more aware, our mind becomes a lot clearer, we can then go ahead and embrace the new changes in our lives. Knowing where your planets are in your horoscope will help you understand where you have difficulties that need to be worked on. The Sun, Moon and all the planets, each rules different parts of your body as well as a lot of other things in your life.

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