Astrology Signs and their Compatibility

Is there something about astrology signs compatibility? Does it really work?

Yes, it does work! Have you ever had the experienced of feeling completely at ease and relaxed in the company of a person you have just met?

And there are other people you take an instant dislike to when you first meet them, you do not seem to have anything in common with them. Have you ever questioned that?

Astrology sign compatibility can give you a very convincing explanation for that. The elements that we are born under play a big part in our makeup  which can be discovered in your natal birth chart.

These elements are for the most part compatible with astrology signs from the same elements. There are four elements, fire, air, earth and water and each of the 12 signs of the zodiac relate to one of the four elements.

This could explain why you get on better with some people than you do with others. You may now wonder if you and your partner are compatible, and if the elements in both your horoscopes are  a good match? Some people are very well suited to each other and for other people there may be a bit more of a challenge.

Have you ever tried to compare the elements in your birth chart to see how compatible your astrology sign is with someone else? If you haven’t already had your personal horoscope drawn up, then find an astrologer, either on line or off line to draw up you and your partner’s natal birth chart and see how well your astrology sign compliment each other. The astrologer will be able to point out the areas in your life where your characteristic are different.

For example, when an astrologer check out you and your partners’ compatibility she may find that you have a lot of earth signs and your partner may have a lot of the fire signs. Your partner may be the one who takes action in the relationship. He/she may think up all these great ideas and start on different projects, but never have the patience to finish them. So there you are with all the practical earth signs getting stuck with the job to finish it all. This might work very well for a while, but it could in time cause conflict.

There are more to an interpretation of the horoscope than looking at the astrology sign compatibility and comparing the elements in a birth chart. Nevertheless, it is a handy and reliable guide if you want to discover the compatibility between two people. Regardless of the fact that certain elements mix well together and others conflict with each other, they all have their part to play and their special input in life.


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