The Earth Zodiac Signs

TAURUS            VIRGO                 CAPRICORN

The three Earth signs are Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn. They are generally  practical people. Earth signs give stability, dependability, reliability, and the power to collect and build. They put form into other people’sdreams and ideas and are the dedicated workers who follow through on a project where other people would have given up long ago. Therefore,  they are often trusted with responsibilities. Earthy people want a life that makes some sort of sense and tend to express themselves through the gathering of material possessions, the industries, the home, and the physical body.

Taurus people will also express themselves through possessions, finance,         and their sense of value.

Virgo people tend to express themselves through work, your job, any kind of  service and health.

Capricorn lean more towards positions in the governmental and business establishments; it often represents one’s social standing. How life is seen by others, the knowledge that the public has concerning public activities.

Keywords that suggest the attributes of the earth signs: Practical, strength, stability, responsibility, dependability, materialistic, physical. They are generally good solid and practical people.

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Karen Garza August 6, 2019 at 5:40 am

Great wealth of knowledge in your books. You’re the astrological intelligence we all need. Thanks for spreading your knowledge. I’m a Scorpio, in a relationship with a Virgo. My best female friend was a Virgo. We were friends since we were teenagers. I’m in my 50s and she recently passed.


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