THE FOUR ELEMENTS Of The Astrological Zodiac Signs

When you study a Horoscope, you have to consider it as a whole because

all the planets and aspects work together to form your character. The

twelve signs of the Zodiac are divided into different elements in groups

of four. There are four elements – Fire – Earth – Air – Water.

The Fire signs are – Aries – Leo – Sagittarius

The Earth signs are – Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

The Air signs are – Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

The Water signs are – Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

When you read a person’s horoscope, it is important to understand the qualities of the four elements and what they represent.

The Fire sign people are endowed with a lot of confidence; they are the leaders of the zodiac and they nearly always get what they want. They start a new project with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and other people get inspired by their eagerness.

The Earth sign people are the reliable and stable people. They are the rock behind any project. They are practical and patient people who will stick to a thing until it is done.

The Air signs are the communicators of the zodiac they are very sociable and love to talk to other people. They like to acquire knowledge and talk to others about interesting subjects.

The Water signs are the emotional people with deep feelings. They are very caring and concerned about other people’s welfare and are usually willing to listen to any problems their friends may have.

By counting the number of planets in each sign, there are eight planets

plus the Sun and the Moon, you can determine how the person’s energy

will flow. People with a balanced amount of planets in each of the

elements are more in harmony with themselves than those with an

imbalanced amount; for example, having, six Fire and one Earth and three Air planets.

They will have more of a fiery personality.

You can read about the four different elements HERE – EARTH – the three other elements are still to come (Fire – Air – Water signs).

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CLICK HERE to read about the EARTH SIGNS

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