Virgo You Are Special

The Sun will be in Virgo through the 21st and will enter Libra on the 22nd of September.

Jupiter is in Scorpio, transiting through Virgo’s area of learning and communication. This can bring interesting new people into your life.

You Are Special

Virgo’s symbol, the Wheat Gatherer, is depicted as a young virgin; she represents the modest and industrious nature of those born under this Sun-Sign. As a Virgo, you hold yourself to the highest of standards. Because you usually perform well when doing any task, you expect other people to perform to a similar level of near perfection. You enjoy learning new things and analyzing people and situations. Your helpful nature attracts many people, not all of whom want to help you; some of them are looking for free help and want to use you. You may enjoy a job that involves the healing arts or working with details. Your ruling planet, Mercury, has given you an active, alert mind that can detect even the tiniest flaw or fallacy.

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