The Month of October is Ruled by Libra

Your forecast for Libra starts on a positive  vibe,  with the Sun and Mercury in your sign. As the ruler of your sign, Venus, the planet of love and beauty and Jupiter the planet of luck and good fortune are in Scorpio. As these two planets, are keeping company for a little while in your financial area, you should be able to make money and make good use of it.

You Are Unique

The scale is Libra’s symbol. You constantly search for balance in your life as well as fairness. There are times when you may seem slow to make a decision, because you have a need to weigh both sides of a situation to make sure it is a fair judgment. You like to treat people  fair and hope to get the same fairness in return. Venus is your ruling planet, it is also the goddess of love. It bestows grace, beauty,and a romantic nature that keeps Librans attractive at any age. Libra is a peaceful sign and will go to any length to protect peace in their life. However, you also expect justice for yourself. You have a borderline, you can take so much negativity and then you have had enough and to everyone’s surprise you’ll stand up and fight for yourself.

You can succeed in many different jobs, including a lawyer, judge, diplomat, court reporter, writer, journalist, social worker, public-relations specialist, beautician, referee, decorator, designer, art dealer, or jewelry designer. If you marry, you should choose a partner who is cooperative, intelligent, affectionate, appreciative, loyal amusing, and financially secure.

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