Gemini Zodiac Sign

The Sun is in GEMINI between MAY 22nd – JUNE 21st – The KEYWORD is “I THINK” It is an AIR SIGN and the ruling planet is Mercury. A GEMINI will always be on the go and general speaking, will do more than one thing at the time. This duality is an important part of their nature. They need plenty of variety and change, are good with words and amusing in conversation. In the month of June many of the people born under this sign will decide to join either sport or some sort of study group.

Gemini has a wonderful loving energy they can see the beauty in almost everything, and can usually see two sides to a situation if two people are in disagreement. That’s where Gemini sometimes has a blind spot. 

The month of June is the perfect time to look into yourself and find out where your blind spot is. This sign rules the nervous system and it can make Gemini very restless, because their active mind feel a need to be busy all the time. They need to learn to relax.

The purpose of the energy of every Zodiac Sign is to transform us and grow to a higher state of mind. So if you see some of your friends or relatives are in trouble, think of a way you can help them, but do it in a loving way, so they feel you come from your heart.


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