Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo is a fire sign and it is ruled by the Sun. The keyword for this sign is,          ‘I Will’. It occupies the fifth house of the horoscope. This is the regal sign of the zodiac, and these people have and intense drive towards self-realization. Self-expression is important to them. They are individuals who like to stand on their own and think for themselves.

Leo can be affectionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, optimistic people, who bring sunshine into other people’s lives, and they really are a lot of fun to be around. They have the ability to lead, but also like to be the center of things and will flaunt the flamboyant side of their nature, just to get everybody’s attention. Most Leos desire nothing more than to be liked – loved – respected and admired. They want to be accepted and the approval of others. It’s important for Leos to learn self-approval, for that is the key to this energy. When approval comes from within you, one doesn’t need outside recognition.

Leo’s are warm-hearted and generous, they will always be eager to assist others less fortunate. They are loyal, sincere, frank and honest persons, and they will do best if they are the boss or in a position of authority and responsibility.

Leo rules the month of August. This will be a good time to take advantage of this powerful energy, which can sometimes be very controlling, whether or not you are a Leo. Take a look at yourself during this time and see if there are any areas in your life where you could be healed from the stress of being too controlling or if someone is trying to control you.

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