Virgo Zodiac Sign

The Sun is in Virgo between August 23rd – September 22nd. The key word is “I Analyze.” It is an earth sign and the ruling planet is Mercury, This gives them an analyzing, alert and quick mind. They have a great flair for details, and neatness. They have the ability to be highly accurate in their work. Virgos often takes considerable interest in health and hygiene. Their driving motives is “To Serve.” This energy is total service to humanity.  It may start with small services, like taken care of someone or become a waitress, but as Virgo grows and develop, so does their service.

This energy is also very much about caring for the physical body. Keep in mind that Virgo is the sign of perfection so your first priority should be to care for your physical body and make it pure. You have to get rid of all the toxins in the body, and not eat anything that can poison the body. It is important that Virgo learn to stay healthy and make sure the body is a pure temple for the soul to reside in.

Many people are careless about details they don’t realize that, they miss out of so much. They do not experience the depth of things and the satisfaction from having a job well done. But you Virgo you have been given the fine gift of having an eye for details. However, it may depend on how evolved you are in this lifetime. Some Virgos may need to become aware of their own flair for details and giving service to humanity, before they can follow their special mission in life.

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