The Sun In Libra

The Sun in Libra

The Sun is in Libra between September 23rd – October 23rd. The key word for this sign is ‘I Balance’ It is an air sign and the ruling planet is Venus. This makes Librans extremely charming, tactful and appreciate beauty and          harmony. They are very adaptable and have a good mind, and are also very talented in any artistic area.

This sign is represented by the scales and they are not always in balance. Libra spends a lot of time thinking about what to do before taking action, but they should simply learn to start things, because what you are trying to figure out in your mind will often be clear along the way.

Libra makes good judges. They are kind and gentle people who always  try    to be fair when dealing with other people, it is simply part of their nature. Some people think it is strange Libra don’t respond to their question straight away, but it is only because they like to come up with the right answer and therefor sometime have to think things through and see the question from different sides before they are ready to come up with a suitable answer.

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