The Sun In Scorpio

The Sun is in Scorpio between October 24th – November 22nd. The Key word is “I Desire.” It is a water sign and the ruling planet is Pluto. This gives Scorpio a tremendous drive and intensity and a great personal magnetism. When they use their special irresistible energy people find it hard to say  ‘No.’

They have penetrating insight, fantastic willpower and determination.   This sign rules the eight house of the horoscope, which refers to giving birth to something new and letting go of the old, it is about transformation.

The purpose of this energy is like a total deciding point in someone’s evolution, because the Scorpio’s search for identity is a real one. They will go through a major transformation in their lives. They were born in the other Sun signs in their past lives and now they have arrived at Scorpio, and it’s always a test, whether they will go for the soul or the personality.

This is a very advanced energy. There are two sides to this sign; one side is into the personality and wants to try more things and have more experiences in life. Scorpio has always been given the symbol of the eagle. They fly high above everything, and that is the other side of this energy. It is the advanced side, the higher more spiritual side, reaching out and tuning into the soul.

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