Are You living Your Dream?

December 12, 2017

Most people have some dream in their early childhood about what they would like to do, but only a few people have had the courage and determination to follow their dream. They believed enough in themselves to do what it takes to allow their dream to come true. However, there are many people who don’t […]

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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

November 28, 2017

We are in the month of December which is ruled by Sagittarius, the entertainer. This is also the month when we celebrate Christmas, so in December you can use this energy to entertain people, whether you are a Sagittarius or not. When you entertain, you laugh and become part of it all. Things don’t seem […]

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Scorpio Zodiac Sign

October 30, 2017

The Scorpio Zodiac sign is next in line and rules the 8th house in the horoscope, it comes under the element of the water signs. Water symbolizes the changing of the tide in the sea. Water signs like water impart the ability to flow smoothly or cause big waves. The water signs can be graceful […]

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Virgo Zodiac Sign

August 25, 2017

Here is a write up about the characteristics of this Zodiac Sign. The Virgo energy is all about perfection, if it’s not perfection, it’s nothing at all. This energy demands perfection, and will notice the smallest detail. Happiness for Virgo is perfection, but since this is very hard to achieve you may have to settle […]

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Where Do You Shine In Your Astrology Charts?

August 4, 2017

In which area are you most likely to shine according to your astrology charts? You can find out by studying the zodiac signs in your horoscope, which is a drawing of your individual and unique character. The horoscope is a map that you can easily work with without knowing very much about astrology. You can […]

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Astrology Has Been ‘A God send in my life.’

June 16, 2017

Here is an example of how Astrology can work in your life I have studied Astrology for many years and have found it to be a ‘God send’ in my life. Astrology can point the way to greater understanding of yourself, your children, family and friends. It’s a great tool which you can use to […]

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Find Your Compatible Zodiac Signs

June 15, 2017

Astrology Compatibility is an  interesting subject. With which Zodiac sign are you Compatible? It is a big help to know which star sign you are Compatible with so you can avoid making the mistake of picking the wrong partner or friend and save yourself from many heartaches. Let us take a look at what can […]

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Jupiter’s Influence in Your Horoscope

May 11, 2017

How does Jupiter influence your horoscope? First of all Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and people born under this Sun sign are basically happy, optimistic people with a cheerful outlook on life. They are the “Happy go Lucky” people. Sagittarius rules the ninth house in the horoscope which has to do with higher education, long […]

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The effect of a Jupiter and Uranus transit

March 21, 2017

Jupiter and Uranus Jupiter and Uranus are two very powerful planets. When they are in aspect to any of the planets in your horoscope there will usually be some changes in your life. The effect of Uranus If you happen to have the sun in Aries then you’ve probably had some kind of changes taking […]

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Jupiter the Planet of Luck and Good Fortune

March 21, 2017

The planet Jupiter holds the most promise of luck and fortune of all the planets in your horoscope. It is the largest planet in the solar system, it takes twelve years to transit the zodiac, and brings with it benefit and luck to those signs and planets it aspects. But you don’t have to wait […]

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Are You Making The Most Of Your Talents

December 10, 2016

Use Your Talents To Your Full Potentials According To Your Sun Sign Most people have some sort of talent, but are often too busy to follow what they are most passionate about. Sometimes it is just a matter of getting a job to pay the rent and the most necessary things needed for our survival. […]

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Mercury Retrograde

December 9, 2016

The planet Mercury is retrograde from December 19 through to January 9/2017. So pay careful attention to what the universe is trying to show us in order to help us proceed forward once the retrograde has ended. Changes, Errors, Delays, Insights, Revisitation and Transformation are the key words. Mercury rules over all types of communication, […]

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The Influence Of Saturn In The Houses Of the Horoscope

October 12, 2016

                                                                                                                                                                                   Saturn in the Houses of the horoscope is considered the great teacher. This planet teaches you responsibilities, discipline and to get your life organized for your highest good. But it also represents restrictions, limitation and delays and along the way you will learn to be patience which is an important lesson. If you allow […]

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Develop Your Talents According To The Four Elements

June 12, 2016

The way to develop talents you may have is a question many people may ask. Maybe you are one of those people who have worked in the wrong job for a long time just to pay the rent and make ends meet. Or perhaps you have just left school and are wondering what kind of […]

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The Horoscope is Like a Roadmap

May 19, 2016

The Astrological Horoscope is like a road map you can use when you come to a crossroad in your life and you need to decide which direction to follow. You can then look in your Horoscope for guidance, which path would be the most favorable one to choose. Astrology teaches that you have free will […]

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The Lunar Secrets of the Moon

May 19, 2016

The secret of the lunar Moon and how it influences a person’s horoscope can be found in the sign the Moon was in your astrological birth chart. The placement of the Moon and the link between the Sun and the Moon is one of the major influences. It describes a person’s emotional feeling, your ability […]

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Astrology and Your Compatible Partner

May 18, 2016

Is your astrological partner easy to find? So you have found a new boyfriend and now you want to know how compatible the two of you are. Is it just an infatuation you have for this person or will it lead to a loving relationship? You need to check your astrological horoscope to find out […]

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Venus, Why This Planet Influence Young Love

May 17, 2016

How does the planet Venus connect to young love? Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. In astrology she is considered to have the ability to attract the opposite sex and Venus will teach you how loving relationships are supposed to work. Venus represents the feminine and Mars the masculine and according to mythology, […]

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Astrology For Kids

May 8, 2016

  This section is about – Astrology For Kids and for people young at heart. And because astrology can be a very complicated subject and hard to understand I have done my best to make it as simple and easy for everyone to understand as you possible can with astrology. I have created cartoon illustrations […]

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Zodiac Sign Taurus For Kids

May 7, 2016

Taurus Zodiac Sign – Hello – I am a Taurus and all Taurus people are born between April 20th – May 20th Our key word is “I Have” I am an earth sign and my ruling planet is Venus. Would you like to come in for a visit and I am sure I can find some […]

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